[PLUG] Linux fulltime training for certs

Manoj mahajan certificationguru at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 19:15:53 IST 2008

> Are you touting Linux or Windows?
> Please Note:
Who say, Windows peoples can't teach Linux?
I am MCT and RHCE certified also, have Linux companies ask this questions
first before sitting for exam.
Many administrator, has to handle both Linux and Windows servers at the
work, ask ISP, employees at-least.

Remember, at least in India, everyone started using computer on Pirated
Windows version, because, we purchase pc from dealers,
and hardware dealers/assemblers don't even know what the Linux is? why its
free? What are the distributions.....and most important
how to install it?  And they want less calls from customers, no headache,
simply install and get 350/- Rs. per call.

I am in training from last 13 years, with MCT enjoying my training field.
But, why i am conducting Linux batches, because I love to teach......
doesn't matter Linux or Windows or any OS.
My profile is a trainer, pure trainer.

Manoj S. Mahajan
M: 9270367459.

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