[PLUG] Linux fulltime training for certs

Manoj mahajan certificationguru at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 19:22:59 IST 2008

> Certifications are not what education should be about.  Stop fooling
> Regards,
> Yesudeep Mangalapilly (येसुदीप मंगलािपल्ली)
Why many IT companies(say every from IBM to Symantech) run certification
programme. It helps them, to differentiate
certified candidates from others. Are these also making you fool?

I think, you should use soft language, every one is not same in the real
world. If peoples getting certificates without knowledge, is not
our/trainers mistake, might be they want short-cut to make career. You
should not blame about this directly on us.
We are running these course at lowest Cost(challenging fees in Pune).  We
run the Linux certification course, starts from installation
to putting mail, dns, web and many servers up at very reasonable fees. Why
we should not charge that, we should recover
infrastructure/running expenses.

Its not only making people ready for exam, its to know subject in-depth.
Tell me how many of you can bare 15000/- for training and
12000/- for exam? OK, if you pay such huge amount to the Official training
centers, does they satisfy you?, No-one teaches
personally, only appointed freshers, certified trainers will teach the
subject. At least this happened in Pune. We know that they didn't
get experienced faculties in 7000 to 8000 PM.

Manoj S. Mahajan.
M: 9270367459

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