[PLUG] Linux fulltime training for certs

Manoj mahajan certificationguru at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 19:25:56 IST 2008

> "engineers" with certifications that actually know nothing.  Please don't
add to the mess.

If you have a ton of engineer without knowledge, how they get certified?
without actually knowing nothing?
Because of good dedicated trainers, every one runs for money.... I also...
after getting certified, why I should teach.... I should get
better job, because Industry offering more than any Institutes, than Private
or Official Training partners.

I hope that the Plug community and mailing list is to promote Open source
and specially help peoples in using Linux better way,  and
not to speak against any proprietary software companies, or trainers.
We are freelancers not binded to Open Source or Proprietary software. I
selected my Profession as a trainer, good trainer.
Its not like, you said and we stop... never!
The journey never end....

At the end, we enjoy our work doest matter on which OS we teach.

Manoj S. Mahajan


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