[PLUG] BSNL Broadband - Help!

Vivek J. Patankar vivek.patankar at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 09:42:36 IST 2008

Chetan Kumar wrote:
> There are no issues with the settings. I am using the same model of
> modem with the same settings.
> You just need to be sure about the username and password.
> As I learnt a couple of weeks back (setting a linksys router for a
> friend) there are two sets of credentials
> 1. To access the "portal".
>      Here you can look at some data like usage, download etc. Also
> reset password for connecting.
> 2. To connect to the broadband service
>      This is what you need to enter in the setting in the modem
> I hope that is the way it is for you too. Using (2) you can check your
> username (in case you are not able to get hold of the right person
> from BSNL side). On this portal you can reset the password too . That
> should help in some way. BTW, there is a default password they set
> when the account is created. Ask them about it.

This means I should be visiting the local BSNL office to get things 
sorted out.

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