[PLUG] PLUG teeshirts for freed-managers done!

Ebrahim A. Senejani senejani at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 02:02:11 IST 2008

I am in Iran, How can I get one of them?

On Feb 13, 2008 1:23 PM, Linux Lingam <linuxlingam at gmail.com> wrote:

> dear all,
> in oct 2007 PLUGGIES handed me around half a dozen teeshirts, pens,
> pads, as gifts for freed-managers at linux-delhi.
> i had no choice but to leave 'em behind as my bag was nearly bursting.
> thought i'd be back in nov, but came back during gnunify 08 last week.
> yesterday evening delivered the tees and stuff to raj, kishore,
> andrew, tirveni, whom i met at a talk at jnu.
> the stuff for those who were not there at the meet, is with raj&kishore.
> all send their thanks to you guys.
> regards
> niyam
> --
> niyam bhushan
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