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Sat Feb 16 09:17:48 IST 2008

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On 16-Feb-08, at 8:32 AM, आदित्य (Aditya) wrote:

> Hello,
> This is really interesting...
> Thanks for sharing the information.
> just one question, is this number for all exchanges or a specific  
> exchange only?

Search for 'D.E.PHONES', 'D. E. PHONES', 'D. E.', 'D.E.'  on
with following parameters:
Search By: Name
Select Area: Pune
Matching Option: 'Starts with search word'


> Regards
> Aditya
> Vivek J. Patankar wrote:
>> Vivek J. Patankar wrote:
>> Also, for all you BSNL users out there, he's a bonus. In case of  
>> problems with your username, password, settings, etc, call  
>> 26330302. This is the number of the office of a Mr Saha, a DE in  
>> BSNL. I didn't get to speak to him but the people in his office  
>> know their stuff. Infinitely better than the morons I talked to at  
>> the helpline number I was given. They even took the time to go talk  
>> me through the settings of my modem to confirm it was correct.
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