[PLUG] FOSS for Maths meet at BP

"आदित्य (Aditya)" laghatea at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 16:29:23 IST 2008

ಓಂ wrote:
> that is the just the same way GNU GPL locks people down from
> exploiting their's own innovations.... so what is different?  GNU
> wants to have source code of your innovations back to them...  Forcing
> you to give back to the place where you took idea from is still
> coersive.
> They are looking at it from different perspective.  And they have
> every right to do that.  You branding them as non-FOSS does not change
> who and how they are!
> Don't *redefine* free, just try to *find ree*  there is IND between F & REE
> --

Can we set up a filter on this List?

So that all mails from Guru are re-directed to /dev/null ?

I am looking at a list wide filter, so that other people whose email 
boxes are getting filled from these un-necessary discussions will also 


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