[PLUG] Troubleshooting date and hwclock

Santosh Dawara sdawara at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 15:43:22 IST 2008

Arun Khan wrote:
> In addition to other's suggestion, I strongly suggest:
> a) you run the ntpd service which will sync. the kernel clock to an 
> external time server (many available on the 'Net)  
Thanks Arun and the others for your suggestions. It is indeed odd that 
the timers are so far apart.

I have been monitoring hwclock + date and it appears that only the 
system time (date) is progressively falling behind. Hwclock always shows 
time 5 minutes behind real IST. This indicates to me that the CMOS is 
not at fault.

I went ahead and set up Ntpd. It set the system time and synced it to 
the hardware clock correctly. I will be monitoring the system for any skew.


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