[PLUG] Linux Phones - more questions

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Sun Jan 6 22:48:17 IST 2008

The thread on Linux phones on this list was useful.

Have some related questions:

Availability of wifi connectivity appears much less as compared to bluetooth 
and limited mostly to high end models. Not sure whether why it's so and 
whether wifi may become a common feature in near future.

In theory it should be possible to use a USB wifi adapter to enable wifi 
connectivity for cell phone/PDA. Has anyone tried such a thing?

Also, what all interesting possibilities do Linux phones enable thanks to 
being open. My wish list is:

1. When the phone is a part of a LAN (using whichever technology - wifi, 
bluetooth, usb LAN), is it possible to operate (receive and make calls, SMS 
etc.) entirely from a(ny) computer terminal on the network?

2. Is it possible to connect to a streaming media server available on the LAN 
to view/listen to media content through the phone? Has anyone tried such 


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