[PLUG] RHCT/RHCE comptencies

Chetan Kumar chetanku at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 19:34:27 IST 2008

Does anybody having undergone training/test for RHCT/RHCE has a list
of items that form the "syllabus"?
I did search for it on the net without much satisfaction. Another
reason I ask is that a person I know is about to complete RHCT/RHCE
"course" (~4 weeks, 2 h/d, 6 d/w) at an institute. At the time of
registration, he was given (maybe got) the impression of RHCE but he
has been told to pay some more money for another module "which is
actually RHCE". In addition, I feel it did not provide a good
foundation as he seems to have got exposed to installation alone in a
comprehensive manner (networking, server-kind-stuff they say is the
next step).
I agree, the situation would depend on the
institute/trainers/facilities etc. My concern is about the content
they should be covering.

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