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yogesh desai yogeshc3it at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 23 14:03:14 IST 2008

use fetchmail to download the mail from ISP's mail server to you local suse box.
Create local users and real user mapping  in fetchmail script.

:) Yogesh

--- On Wed, 23/7/08, Rajiv Gore <rajiv at wsieng.com> wrote:

> From: Rajiv Gore <rajiv at wsieng.com>
> Subject: [PLUG] email server
> To: plug-mail at plug.org.in
> Date: Wednesday, 23 July, 2008, 1:52 PM
> I have a SOHO network with Suse 10.2 connected to WINNT and
> Win 98 .
> I want to set up an email server on Suse box  by which WIN
> NT and 98 users 
> should be able to send and receive emails using MS Out
> look.
> I own a domain name with 10 Pop Id and unlimited aliasing.
> Please suggest suitable server programe.
> I understand Apace will allow web mail but I need users to
> down load mail to 
> their resp boxes and feel Apache may not be use ful.
> Thanks for your help in advance.
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> Rajiv Gore
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> MS, India
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