[PLUG] Need Suse 11

Swapnil Bhartiya arnieswap at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 30 12:37:01 IST 2008

> Here we go with another one trying to confuse people
> between free and
> free.  Please put your statements correctly.
> I think you mean the DVD is available (free of cost) with
> LFY magzine
> (which one has to buy).
> In any case you have to pay for it somewhere (nothing comes
> for free),

Dear Gaurav, 

I beg to differ. I am a new GNU/Linux user and I know about it as much as fish know about bicycle. However, I believe I was correct when I said free DVD, I meant what it was supposed to mean -- you are 'free' to do what ever you want with that DVD, use it the way want, make copies and distribute the way and to whomever you want to give, remaster it -- n number of freedom options. So, as per FSF, that is 'free' to me. 

And why my dear brother do you focus so much on 'cost' part. I guess we all would agree Freedom is more important that some price which you have to pay. This is the reason I came to start using Linux not because of the low cost. And I a trying to pay back by being on LUGs and encouraging and helping people install GNU/Linux on their machines. And trust me brother, nothing comes for free...Paula Coelho also said that. So, let's here stick with the word free which means freedom. 

Using words like "here we go with another one to confuse..." appears to be a bit derogatory for new Linux Users like me, don't you think we should avoid such things and focus more on helping each other?

Happy Linux days ahead :-)


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