[PLUG] mandriva2008.1 on Abit IP35-E

Arun Khan knura at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 2 10:18:59 IST 2008

On Sunday 01 Jun 2008, Ranjit Bhonsle wrote:
> Hello all,
> I built a new pc.
> Abit IP-35E
> E2180
> 1x2GB 800Mhz Transcend
> XFX-8500GT 512Ram
> Since my old rig was host to 2 linuxes FC7 and Ubuntu 7.10
> I was a bit anxious in getting linux to work.
> I had to live distros
> Kubuntu 6.06...........did not work.........I didn't expect it to.

Should have tried 8.04

> Knoppix 5.1............surprising.........but possible.

Knoppix never ceases to amaze me.

> I burnt a Mandriva2008.1 CD from Digit DVD and tried it,
> Pleasant surprise everything works.

Yeah, this is an antithesis to WinXP/Vista installs.

It helps to use the latest versions of any distro when you have the 
latest hardware.  The drivers for the latest chipset may not be in the 
older kernels (distros).

Arun Khan

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