[PLUG] survey of FOSS success stories

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Tue Jun 10 23:45:02 IST 2008

On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 3:36 PM, Kenneth Gonsalves
<lawgon at thenilgiris.com> wrote:
> hi,
> Sandip Saini of NRC-FOSS is doing his PhD in a study of foss
> methodologies. As part of his work, he is trying to compile a set of
> FOSS success stories. Definition:
> <quote>
> Documenting the success stories of FOSS implementation in India--
> Nature, Scope and Methodology of the study.
> The goal of the study is to bring out into public a reliable and
> independent compilation of some instances where FOSS implementation has
> been carried out successfully in India.
>           A 'success' in this context is defined as one where there has
> been an acceptance of at least one FOSS  technology or solution
> across at least one unit of organisation – a department, a
> project, an enterprise or  an institution – either public or
> private, either IT or non-IT. In other words, an individual who
> uses only FOSS for his/her needs would not qualify for being
> considered a success in this context; it has to be an
> organisational entity/unit. The best case would be where an
> entire large enterprise (a government department say like Indian
> Railways, a private corporation like an IT major or an
> Automobile manufacturing company, etc) has completely switched
> over to FOSS for all its IT and Computing needs, and the least
> acceptable instance would that of a small unit of an enterprise
> (one department of a University, one section of a company or
> government organisation,etc) that have started  using mainly
> FOSS for at least one significant part of its operations. All
> instances between these two limiting cases would of course be
> acceptable too.
> </quote>
> We would be happy if members of these lists could suggest places he
> could investigate. You may contact him at:
> sksaini at au-kbc.org
> also feel free to post such things in this list.

Please check out this:


This is a known success story from a non-urban area like Pachgani(near
Mahabaleshwar).  We had asked them so many times to write about it. I
think they are very shy and do not want to promote their activity.



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