[PLUG] Problem with Firefox

Gupteshwar Joshi gupteshwar.joshi at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 14:38:07 IST 2008

Hello ,
This is one way we used to on Knoppix.
Edit  file /usr/lib/firefox/firefox
There you will see
MOZ_PANGO_DISABLE or MOZ_PANGO_ENABLE variable that got set in IF condition
after the IF
You just need to set
MOZ_PANGO_DIABLE = 0 (which must be final definition)

And restart firefox . Hope it will solve your problem.

Sudheer Bedekar wrote:
> I am relatively new to Linux.I use Mandriva 2008 with KDE.I have 
> configured for Devanagari keyboard layout and have necessary unicode 
> Devanagari fonts.I can read Marathi websites (e.g.mr.wikipedia.org) 
> properly, and also type in them, using Konqueror browser.But in Firefox 
> that comes with the Mandriva 2008,the 'jodakshar's and 
> 'velanti's are not displayed properly.As advised in the wiki, I 
> installed Padma add-on to Firefox and configured it for Devanagari,but 
> that does not solve the problem.I prefer Firefox.Is there a way out? 
> (Incidently Firefox displays Marathi websites very well on Windows XP.)
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