[PLUG] Resolving dependencies in rpmbuild

Parag Shah adaptives at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 22:51:44 IST 2008

Thanks to everyone for help and suggestions.

I uninstalled the lzo library which I had installed by compiling sources and
reinstalled it from RPM's which I found at http://dag.wieers.com

After installing the RPM's for lzo and lzo-devel, I was able to build
OpenVPN RPM with rpmbuild. The installation for OpenVPN also proceeded

I did notice something about version number expectations that I'd lile to
share. rpmbuild expected lzo-devel version 1.07 (or greater) to be installed
to build OpenVPN RPM. I thought lzo-devel version 2 should fulfill this
criteria, but it did not. However lzo-devel version 1.08 did. I think in
such an expectation, the major version number of the library needs to be the
same. So if lzo-devel 1.07 onwards is needed, it means version 1.07 onwards
within the major version of 1.x.

Is my understanding about version number expectations correct?

Once again thanks to everyone for their help.

Parag Shah

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