[PLUG] problem with dial-up connection

jayant ogale jaogale at yahoo.co.in
Fri Jun 20 13:24:11 IST 2008

i have installed Xandros -4 on my sony vaio VGN-S4M lap-top.
i have a dial-up network.
when i tried to connect to net via Xandros's dialer, the modem was detected and initiallised the phone number was dialled. after ATX commands i got the message
Connect Script Failed.
and the connection was terminated.
when i saw the error log, it says as follows.
failed to run pon (ppp client service.cpp=999)
the connect script failed (returned a non zero exit status).(ppp client service.cpp=997)
what should i do to get proper connection?
thanks for your time.

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