[PLUG] Let us Discuss LinTops ( Linux Compatible Computers ) !

Arun Khan knura at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 24 20:16:50 IST 2008

On Tuesday 24 Jun 2008, TOM_C_A_T Floss wrote:
> Look friends, ( especially Arun Khan, without getting personal )
> the discussion is not about company strategies.

You mentioned Dell in your OP and I was trying to clarify about Dell's 
Linux desktop offering.  

Many buyers are concerned about warranty being voided if you "modify" 
the factory shipped settings.  Modifying the hard disk partition to 
install Linux falls in this category.  Buy pre-installed Linux if this 
is a major issue for you.

In the current crop of offerings the best bet is to go with Intel chip 
set, brand name does not matter.  The major devices (sata, video, 
wi-fi, lan) will work out of the box.  Other sundry devices like web 
cam may work.  Keep in mind two persons can have the exact same model 
but things like web cam chip may differ; suppliers for components keep 

In short, even after "due diligence" you may find that some sundry 
device don't work after your purchase.

Arun Khan

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