[PLUG] Graphics card with TV out

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Thu May 1 23:05:03 IST 2008


I am looking for a way to connect PC display out to a TV.

The TV set accepts only composite video.

Have looked at possibility of using VGA to PAL converters. But it looks 
costly - only slightly less than grapics card which looks a better option to 

The PC has DG965 motherboard, has free PCIe as well as PCI slots.

I am not looking for high end gaming etc. A card with composite TV out and 
decent 3D graphic capabilities will be good enough. Must have drivers on 

Most cards I saw on web have DVI/HDMI ports. Not sure how to get composite 
video out of them. (Or is it that there are many cards with composite out as 
well along with DVI/HDMI?)

Would appreciate any advice or pointers.


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