[PLUG] KMail messup!!

ഓം guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Wed May 7 18:00:42 IST 2008

Solution is already out here on the list archives...

what I want to share is why one should rename old kmailrc and force
kmail to create a self-reliant fresh kmailrc...

Simply because it will load in new features that otherwise won't get activated..

If I simply file a bug that the said thing is not working... probably
I will be advised tersely that same thing that विद्यावाचस्पती Shridhar
has already suggested...

but i would be a really good feature for KDE to automagically convert
old KMailRC into the new *avatar*.  And if I go and ask for it in
bugzilla.kde.org, they would treat it as a new feature and would be
put under different category that has lower priority since it may not
be a sh0wstopper!

How's that for a simplified analysis of the usual situation, the way
most systems work?


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