[PLUG] Fedora 9 (Sulphur) Released

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Fri May 16 17:57:31 IST 2008

Vidyadhar Gadgil wrote:

> This is one viewpoint I agree with. I used apt on Fedora 3, but
> when I switched to Fedora 5, apt had been discontinued, and I was
> forced to switch to yum. 

Seems incorrect. It has been in the repository from early on and don't 
recall it ever being dropped.


> Of course, Rahul has given a variety of technical reasons (which
> are Geek to me :-), and says that apt and synaptic are now
> available again in Fedora, and that yum is much improved. So maybe
> this rant is outdated.

Yep. If the last experience is Fedora Core 5, that is 4 releases and a 
couple of years back atleast.  A huge amount of changes have happened in 
between.  Might want to grab the live cd and take a look.  Fedora 9 is 
also the only OS to provide a easy utility to convert live cd's to boot 
able USB's for both Windows and Linux in a non-destructive way while 
also having data persistence that supports settings as well as software 
changes. Essentially a portable OS in your USB disk. Try it.


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