[PLUG] Interestingly Real Challenge...

ഓം guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Sat May 17 18:51:05 IST 2008

1. This is just a curiosity... but how many of free software
evangelists who are for some reason required to use Windows OS ( even
for just a sneak peak) for some specific purpose (in भारत) care to buy
a Liesensed OS?

2. And how many try to promote Free and Open Source Softwares around
proprietary OS with an ultimate AIM to transition to Linux based
setup?  This is a slow and steady way of winning trust of your कष्टमर
which also needs lot of efforts, dedication and devotion...

I know there will be few such people who are treading on this path..
maybe we just need to learn about their efforts... and it will be very
interesting... that's a classic way of building business around OSS
and promoting good conduct in relation to software use...

I know there will be some scope for improvement in few areas for many
of us, so throwing the least debated topic for discussions

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