[PLUG] [OT] ekiga setup ...

Arun Khan knura at yahoo.com
Sat May 24 15:56:57 IST 2008

I am trying to use ekiga but have not had much success.

During setup of the ekiga client it correctly detects that my system is 
behind a NAT and configures it appropriately.  The client is able to 
login to "ekiga.net" and I guess I am "online" because I am notified of 
incoming calls.

However, when I accept the call, I cannot hear the far party nor can the 
far party hear me.

My network setup is as follows:

  ekiga client-------|                   |
                                        +|--------- Internet (ADSL)

ekiga client is (Ubuntu 8.04, ekiga v2.0.12)

* Linksys WiFi AP - LAN port is, WAN port is 
(Nodes on LAN NAT'd on the WAN port)

+ DLink DSL502T router/modem - LAN port is, WAN port is dyn. 
(Nodes on LAN NAT'd on the WAN port)

Would appreciate pointers from anyone who has used ekiga successfully - 
please share your setup.

Arun Khan

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