[PLUG] fedora 9 internet issue

Anup Kadam anupkadam01 at gmail.com
Tue May 27 10:21:18 IST 2008

hi ,
i had installed fedora 9 ,on my pc (duel core machine )
and it is duel boot with 64 bit edition XP  and fedora 9
when i had installed my net connection was working fine
with static IP address .But when i restarted machine and operate with window
xp then again i switch to fedora ,my net connection get disconnected . I had
checked every thing with domain server name,host ,and other and this save in
system.config files .
but sill i m not getting all
and one more problem how could i get ecillips on fedora 9 ,is it possiblr to
install from fedora 8 DVD RPM pakages
thanks mail me
anupkadam01 at gmail.com

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