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shirish@cybertechnology.biz linux at cybertechnology.biz
Thu Oct 2 20:04:11 IST 2008

Rajiv Gore wrote:
> Hi
> I am trying to set up an email server for 5 PC network . 1 PC run on Windows 
> NT, 1 Win 98 and 3 PCs suse 10.2. 
> I am trying to go with Postfix+Dovecot so that all users on Win and Suse Pcs 
> can access their mail using Outlook, Kmail MTA.
> Having lot of problems with Dovecot and have no success yet with setting up 
> the server.
> Can any once suggest an easier and quick scheme.!Also is this scheme working 
> any where?
> Thanks for help in advance.
try SME server. It is out of box pop3 and webmail email server.

shirish bandarkar

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