[PLUG] not able to install Ubuntu 8.04

Ranjit Bhonsle ranjya at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 19:57:13 IST 2008

> With reference to details required by Ranjit,
> Hi Ranjit,
> > Desktop or Lappy,
>     Desktop
> >Any errors before you land at the "Dos prompt"?
>      USB drive not installed.
> and then it loads Caldera DOS.
> AGP card.
>  Hi Shoteka,

Where is the Ubuntu8.04?
Have you burnt the ISO on a CD/DVD?
Many manufacturers bundle new machines with
Caldera. So if you have a media which is not bootable,
it will boot OS on HDD i.e Caldera

I am sorry, I will start with basics
First burn the ISO on a CD/DVD using the burning software e.g Nero
Put this bootable CD/DVD in drive and reboot.
As machine reboots go into BIOS...press DEL key or Whichever key
as appears during boot.
Change the 1st boot drive to CD/DVD.
Save changes (F10) and it will reboot.
Ubuntu screen should come up
Continue boot process and you should have a desktop.
If no GUI and as you say a dos prompt then
it means your graphic card not recognised by Ubuntu...very unlikely
now a days.

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