[PLUG] Code camp

Aditya Godbole aag.lists at gmail.com
Sat Oct 4 21:16:35 IST 2008


This PLUG meeting we decided to organise a coding camp. Some people
call it a mashup, but its not really going to be one. The idea is that
interested people come together and code on pre-decided problem
statements. We are keeping a focus on scientific computing and we will
tackle two problem statements at most.
Bhaskaracharya Prathishthaan (BP) (http://bprim.org) will be the
venue. The event will span the entire day of 22nd November 2008
(Saturday), through that night and the following morning (till noon).
Arrangement for stay will be made at BP itself. Whether or not food
will also be sponsored is yet to be decided.
For people who wish to come from out of Pune, accommodation will be
provided. Travel sponsorship depends on whether any person or
organisation comes forward and sponsors it. (Note that there will be
no banners, representation or other priveledges for the sponsors).
Two problem statements have already been identified -
1. A lot people involved with scientific computing do not know how to
handle libraries, include files, etc. We plan to write an Eclipse
plugin to make programming easier for them.
2. SciPy is an excellent tool for scientific computing. We will
identify a set of libraries that haven't been yet interfaced with
SciPy and write the interfaces.

Other problem statements can also be suggested. But since we are going
to restrict it to two statements one of the above will have to be
displaced from it's pedestal.

Details about the problem statements will be put up on a wiki that the
webmaster will put up soon. Further discussions will be done there.

Any other suggestions, comments about the non-technical aspects of the
event (like logistics) are welcome.


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