[PLUG] Please suggest me a lightweight GNU/Linux distribution

Dhirendra Singh Kholia dhiru.kholia at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 16:27:25 IST 2008

>>  I am having a Pentium IV system with 128MB of RAM and Intex RTL 8139D Ethernet Card. When I am installing some old linux
>> distributions such as Red Hat 9, Fedora Core 4 then I am able to execute X window but my ethernet card is not being detected. And
>> when I am installing current linux distribution such as Fedora Core 9 then my ethernet card is being detected but X window is not
>> starting due to insufficient amount of RAM. So can you please suggest me a lightweight linux distribution which can detect my
>> Intex RTL 8139D ethernet card as well as I can work in X window. I will remain thankful to you for this forever.

> Try Antix. Works well.  -Sudhanwa

Here is one more vote for antiX.
Don't use unsupported/ancient distros like RH9!

With antiX you get latest packages but I recommend
that you to compile your own new *shiny* kernel (2.6.27).


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