[PLUG] Announcing the Fedora Sugar Spin

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Fri Oct 31 21:54:40 IST 2008


OLPC Project uses a derivative of Fedora as the operating system for
it's XO laptops. One of the unique features of these laptops, is an
environment called Sugar developed as a collaboration between Red Hat
and other developers and now being maintained by Sugarlabs, an
independent non-profit organization. The Fedora Project has released a
new spin, a live CD with the Sugar environment by default and a number
of additional activities including sugar-browse based on XULRunner and
sugar-write based on Abiword. Furthermore, the Fedora liveusb-creator
software has been updated to include support for this spin. For people
developing the Sugar environment or those curious about it but don't
have an OLPC system, this live cd can be a handy way to dive in.



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