[PLUG] Fwd: [ILUG-GOA] RedHat/Fedora Crisis - is Red Hat playing Microsoft-like games?

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Forwarded message FYI.

Probably people from RH or Fedora can comment on this mail.


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Subject: [ILUG-GOA] RedHat/Fedora Crisis - is Red Hat playing
Microsoft-like games?
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Bruce Byfield has some rather pungent observations about Red Hat's
behavior during the recent server compromise problems...

the Fedora-Red Hat announcements not only concealed information, but
gave users no way to investigate their own system for problems, nor
any means of protection beyond the negative one of not installing or
updating. Faced with a security problem, Red Hat reacted far less like
Debian and much more like Microsoft, which is notorious for denying
security problems until a patch is ready. No doubt it tried to protect
its corporate interests, but it did next to nothing for users. When
trouble came, FOSS interests and standards were apparently jettisoned
in favor of immediate business concerns.

The damage to Fedora's credibility is potentially immense. In a matter
of days, Red Hat has quashed Fedora's claim to independence. It has
also threatened the credibility of the Red Hat employees who manage
Fedora -- people whose devotion to FOSS has always been clear in their
actions and dedication.
If Red Hat, one of the epitomes of a successful FOSS-based business,
can ignore FOSS when to do so is corporately convenient, then what
chance do we have that other companies -- especially publicly-traded
ones -- will act any better?
=end quotes=

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