[PLUG] [x-post]: Our next FreeIndian: G. Karunakar

Roshan d_rosh2001 at yahoo.co.in
Sun Sep 21 22:46:04 IST 2008


It has been a long time since a FreeIndian was interviewed. There's a reason behind it!

Our current interview is a software engineer who has done a *lot* of localization and is associated with maintaining a Linux distribution called IndLinux[1] that supports Indian languages at all levels. This interview is a bit special (like previous ones) and the interviewee has presented a caricature of himself which was drawn by one of his friends. The image describes him, but to know more you need to read his interview from the link below!

/This interview is also the last of our FIRST SERIES (Season one) of FreeIndian. We'll resume back during or after FOSS.IN/2008. Cya!/

Read the interview from the following URL:



[1] http://www.indlinux.org 

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