[PLUG] Mandriva on laptop

Ranjit Bhonsle ranjya at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 15:42:02 IST 2008

Hello all,
Today had the opportunity to show off to a Windows user.
He has a AMD Toshiba laptop with Vista Enterprise and
Aero interface.
I booted using mandriva spring 2008.
No problem.
Showed off desktop effects...nice :-)
But the desktop icons not visible....strange.
The menu not working ......stranger.
Net connection on Dataone using NIC....no problem :-)
Started FF and went to Gmail and desktop froze.
Nothing worked ctrl+alt+backspace...the guy
powered off lappy and went off. :-((
Bad day for me.

The 0nly thing you take with you, when you are gone
is what you leave behind...! -- a wise soul

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