[PLUG] Seek inputs building a custom centos dvd.

Manish D manish2312 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 19:33:49 IST 2008


I have centos 5.2 dvd, but facing some problems installing from
anaconda (on a highly partitioned machine, because of a segfault bug
in parted utility - v 1.8.1).

I am trying to make a custom DVD with latest version of anaconda and
parted (1.8.8) (latest parted has this segfault fixed), without luck
for a couple of days now.

Tried playing 'pungi' for sometime unsuccessfully.

Can someone point me to a reasonable resource on how to go about
building a custom cd/dvd by updating a few packages ?

Any ptrs, inputs are appreciated.

TIA, Regards,

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bad that it can't get worse -- calvin and hobbes.

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