[PLUG] Canonical Not A Great Contributor

Swapnil Bhartiya swapnil.bhartiya at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 07:27:08 IST 2008

I just learnt from a friend of mine that I should stop using Ubuntu as
Canonical is not contribiting to the developmemt of GNU/Linux systems as
compared to other players. He also suggested that since most of its stuff,
or nothing, is upstream so we cant trust it. Also his argument was, being
run by one man, who may tomorrow change his mind and stop support to Ubuntu,
then what?

So, I am bringing this issue to the lista and have people's opinion as to
how much Canonical has contributed and how wise is the decision to use

Here is the article of Greg Kroah-Hartman, maintainer of the USB and other
subsystems in the Linux kernel mentioning Canonical contribution to be 100
patches viz a viz 230 by Mandriva and only 270 by Gentoo. Remember Ubuntu is
quite young compared to Mandriva, Gentoo.


Please suggest.

Swapnil Bhartiya
Mobile: 09910956518
I use Free Software, what do you use?

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