[PLUG] htc touch sync with ubuntu

Hemant Mohan hmohan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 15:14:46 IST 2009

>> > Just guessing here, but I think HTC Touch runs on MS Windows CE, not
>> PalmOS
>> Yes, HTC having Windows OS not any other. But still memory card should be
>> accesible in Ubuntu. Sony phones memory card are acceble on the ubuntu.
> I think antariksh wants to sync contacts/calendar etc.
> I do not think it is as simple as accessing the memory card.
> So (my guess is that) he is looking for a program which will read the data
> from the phone/memory card and sync with Ubuntu PIM

M$ uses ActiveSync to Sync with WinMobile devices, which is still a
closed technology.
Check if these links help:


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