[PLUG] COMMERCIAL: Research internship in the field of web and open source.

Dipen dipench at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 10:15:47 IST 2009

Hi list,

We are a startup in internet space with vision to add value to web and
mobile space with continued research, We are offering paid research
internship at our pune workplace to students interested in research on web
platform. We use open source end to end and are looking for students
interested in web and open source, Some of the things we are interested in
are :

Performance and Scalability (both front end and backend) : This would delve
us into the world of memcache, distributed file systems, document based
databases and concurrency enabled languages like erlang.

Data mining and Social media: With exponential rise in user generated
information and connections between internet users, we are aiming to tap
into the content and connections with aim to derive meaning out of it. This
requires lot of research and prototypes (in short fun and exciting)

Open mobile platform: We see potential in open mobile platforms like android
which would shake this market more than linux did due to commercial

Anything fun and interesting: We are aiming at products which change the way
we use our tools. Blogging is more fun with posterous, project management is
more manageable and fun with basecamp.

We are in pursuit of passionate individuals who believe that there is lot
left to be done, who prototype ideas and not just day dream about it. People
with skill, time and vision. Please check out our internship proposal (
http://www.qed42.com/careers/internship ) and careers page at (
http://www.qed42.com/careers ). Also carefully read how to apply section on
proposal before applying at ( http://www.qed42.com/apply/internship ) use
cover message to tell us about ur public profiles and favorite article.

Internship is open for anyone in the field of web irrespective of degree
they are pursuing or their grades in curriculum work. Internship though
doesnt allow tele communication and requires student to have 5-6 months on

Founder, QED42 ( http://www.qed42.com )

P.S : QED42 is in process of filtering product ideas and would start working
on its own products from April 2010 up-till which we are working with some
US clients on interesting projects like social networks and other user
generated content platforms using drupal.

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