[PLUG] Some sites which simply don't show on my Ubuntu desktop

Manish prolist at gmx.net
Wed Dec 9 14:17:31 IST 2009

I am generally happy with my switch to Ubuntu few months ago. But I am
quite annoyed with few issues that I am not able to resolve.

I am not able to open few sites, typically Wordpress blogs, ICICI
websites, and many https websites. I can open them without any problem
on my Vista laptop working on same broadband connection. Does anyone
know why this happens, and moreover how can it be fixed?

The other minor annoyances include frequent garbling of screen that
forces me to either restart or if I am lucky, I manager to log-off and
then log-in to see that stuff. Typically it messes up system bar on top
and status bar at the bottom. 

BTW, I am using 9.04, Jaunty distro of Ubuntu. 

Any pointers, help would be highly appreciated!

- Manish

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