[PLUG] [COMMERCIAL] Unix Friendly web devs

Abhijeet M. Sawant abhims at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 16 22:22:33 IST 2009


I work for a software company that's working with Linux & Java.  Unfortunately, most of the resumes coming to me are Unix-unaware          

:-((  ??!!@#$!@#$.  !!

That's why I'm sending a mail to this group.

If you know a person who is

1. Looking for a job.
2. Starting out in their career.
3. Passionate about building good apps.
4. Techie team player.

Please have them send me their resumes ASAP.  Bit of background about the company, we have a fairly stable widely deployed product offering and are now looking @ building new products across various platforms.  We are building a new team so it's a good time to join.



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