[PLUG] Insallation of Linuk on laptop

RAMDASS NAVALE navalerh at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 12:33:53 IST 2009

Dear Sir.

I have a Lenevo laptop – Model 3000 Y 500 having configurations Celeron 1.6/
512/80GB, Keyboard Microsoft Vista.

I have tried to install Mandriva -2008 & 2009,Ubuntu -5.05/5.10/8.10, Feroda
10,Suse 10, & Sabayon 4 .

For the very first two/three steps inbuilt key board works. But after that
keyboard and touch pad cease to work. I am doing this exercise for the last
14 months.

When I used Centos 5 inbuilt keyboard was working but touchpad was not

I am using external keyboard and mouse. Both are working but sometimes some
keys cease to work.

When contacted Lenovo they ask me to install Linux drivers.

I want to use Linux.

Pl. guide me what can I do for installation and which Linux is suitable for

Thanking you.

 R. H. Navale.

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