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> There is nothing in that post about SK's session.

I just see/saw the following on the site


1	i-want-2-do-project. tell-me-wat-2-do	Shakthi Kannan

Now I read something into it. It could be or not be what I thought it was.
How am I suppose to read it any other way unless there is a link which
give a more broader description of what he's going to be talking

> These kind of mails look like self promotion/blog promotion. Actually,
> these kind of mails are giving you a negative publicity. I am moving
> away from your further posts.

Its your prerogative.

> For a good, positive reporting/contribution/blog, do not use posting
> by somebody else in a wrong context, use your own work.

The point is how does one know what is right or wrong context if the
context is not fully given.

> regards
> -Sudhanwa

> ps: cut off that cc license crap for the email signature. It does not
> serve any purpose.

For me it serves. I don't send just e-mail to lists but also to people
and for work.

Perhaps you should take a look at

Also similar stuff could be said for having domain names for signatures.

>> http://flossexperiences.wordpress.com/2009/02/10/software-project-todo/
>> Comments, suggestions as always welcome.

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