[PLUG] software-project-todo

म.हा.सा.ग.र o.s.h.o at guruvision.com
Wed Feb 11 06:26:36 IST 2009

by making or calling something a public domain you also make it
available to the public... and public has a say in the process and
government conduct of it...

an audit of public entity is a possibility...

i wonder of that is ever thought of while taking into account legal
implications of Pune Linux Users' Group registration Vs. Pune
Gnu/Linux Users' Group propoganda... mechanism :-)

i think it will be worth the cause to step back a bit and take a look
at how much will such mechanisms stand the scrutiny by any auditing

i think PLUG still runs smoothly because of the well wishes of many
people who are silently watch it and take any studied personal stand
for or against it... and by that i am not standing on any side nor in
the middle :-)

please... kindly .... avoid complicating it further ...

in the eyes of law of the land this will probably be childish...

i do not necessarily understand OP's posts but i see some sense in it
... much more than my posts perhaps...
and he has a right to cite license to be followed for all of the text
(s)he utters... because it is free (not as in free speech or beer but
in some other way which follows that license)

this is explained a bit at...

nothing further said because nothing is needed.(*stop*)

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