[PLUG] gnunify09 day1

म.हा.सा.ग.र o.s.h.o at guruvision.com
Sat Feb 14 06:43:28 IST 2009

this response should actually go to your personal mailbox but since it
could help others too and perhaps stir some grey cells into thinking
hence it comes here... ( less tolerant ones please excuse )

one of my professors long time back had simple rule for high standards
in grading submissions by his pupils..

z. Does the program (software) do what it is supposed to do without
causing a crash or crashing itself?  (you get 50% marks for this)
a. Does it do this in minimal no. of lines of the code?  Count no. of
actual lines of the code (not comments) programmed to achieve
objective no. 1, and person achieving Objective no. 1 with minimum no.
of lines of code gets highest marks of the rest 50%... and it goes on
this way for all students.

your reporting of happenings are good for a vegetable like me... but
they do not get high grade if i apply these rules analogically to

in short.... keep up the good work... there is a scope for improvement.

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