[PLUG] OpenSuse linux wanted.

Gustav Degreef gustav97 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 09:19:17 IST 2009

Suse 11.1 is very good, but still some of the bugs are being ironed
out.  11.2 may be the best when it arrives and kde 4.2 is better
polished - if you opt for KDE.   But that will take some time.  I
suggest 10.3 is a better bet for now with either KDE 3.5x (my choice)
or Gnome desktop.  I'd suggest 10.3 because the problems with the
package management system in the 10x series were finally worked out
quite well with 10.3.  Sorry, I'm in Ahmednagar, but there should be
someone in Pune who can help you with the CD's or DVD for
installation.  Gustav

On 2/25/09, abhi <abhi.elementx at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello folks. I am new to linux. I want a Open Suse linux version which :
>  1. is "stable"
>  2. has programming tools(c/c++ compilers, java,
>  eclipse(ganymede),python,etc)
>  3. comes with inbuilt graphics drivers(so that my desktop effects work and
>  get 1024x768 resolution).
>  4. web servers, database servers
>  How can I get it from you guys?
>  Thank you.
>  --
>  ABHI ; )
>  PEACE!!!
> --
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