[PLUG] Logical partition

Ranjit Bhonsle ranjya at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 18:58:22 IST 2009

> Hi,
>     Your extended partition (/dev/sda2) is only 16 gigabytes long and is
> full. So, it cannot accommodate any more logical partitions.Since you can
> have only a single 'extended' partition on a drive,  either you can extend
> the extended partition (/dev/sda2) using an appropriate tool (GNU
> parted/gparted for example) or,  as you have already mentioned you can
> create a primary partition starting from where the extended ends.
> IMO, since there is no data beyond the extended  partition, it should be
> safe and quick to resize the extended partition. If you decide to resize
> the
> partition, make sure that the machine has a reliable UPS  :)
> My 2 cents...
> Best regards,
> Pranav
You have cleared some doubts I had...Thanks.
Your suggestion is very logical.
Sudden exposure to a lot of HDD space is the
I thought I will format and use space as the
requirement arises...hence the issue.

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