[PLUG] accounting software under Linux

Shridhar Daithankar ghodechhap at ghodechhap.net
Wed Jan 14 11:10:14 IST 2009

On Wednesday 14 January 2009 10:17:50 म.हा.सा.ग.र wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 10:12 AM, Shridhar Daithankar
> <ghodechhap at ghodechhap.net> wrote:
> >> i assume your CA is using licensed version of windows, if not, your
> >> task will be very easy...
> >
> > That is a wrong solution and should not be considered at all.
> pray explain... how does spreading the message of being on the right
> side of the (already grayed out) law makes it a wrong solution?

"it not, your task will be easy" is read as "pirate the software and use it", 
which is wrong.

If you meant anything otherwise, I didn't see it. Pray explain.

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