[PLUG] accounting software under Linux

Devendra Laulkar devendralaulkar at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 20:03:12 IST 2009


>> This is even more confusing - why should the doctor be given the medicine.
>> - A very confused pluggie.
> You need to follow the previous posts to "get" it.
> See the last line :
> http://plug.org.in/pipermail/plug-mail/2009-January/005446.html

Thanks for the update. I am still not able to decipher most of the
analogies. Things are much clearer when said directly (like man pages
;) - but anyways, maybe some people understand it better with doctors
and children in borewell.

I am speculating that "tally" over linux was suggested since it will
be "one step forward" - using open source in incremental fashion
rather than a complete switch over - Or maybe something else (still
not getting connection with elephants)

 However I find meaningful dialog difficult when we start using
analogies and euphemisms over asynchronous modes of communication.


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