[PLUG] switching to Linux...

म.हा.सा.ग.र o.s.h.o at guruvision.com
Wed Jan 14 10:00:47 IST 2009

It has been sometime back that i managed to switch one heavily
application oriented power user to Linux.
This is a short narration of that experience.

it was hp laptop, and an old one on which the user was using p!rated
version of windows.  the problem was compounded because user's laptop
used to get frequently infected with all sorts of things due to heavy
travel (*g*imping :-)

when i tried to switch that to Mandriva, it could not detect few
things and failed to boot correctedly... and i was running short of
time... so gave ubuntu a shot and things looked ok except the less
RAM.  Also i did not know ubuntu much so helping user with issues was
a problem, so i switched that laptop to Kubuntu and added 1 GB
additional RAM.  It has been six months now and user is happily
learning trick of making fRee and oPen sOurce sofTware work and infact
has started teaching me few things of OpenOffice tricks and tips when
compared to MSOffice.

All infections issues are sorted no longer existence and user's
productive time is more than doubled...

No issues whatsoever... the user now spreads message of Linux
everywhere (s)he visits... which is really wonderful :-) as circle of
influence of user being noteworthy...

user runs an ngo effort, so i could not convince about status of his
copy of windows except for problem solving :-) till i could convince
to switching Linux for productive downtime....

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