[PLUG] named.conf forwarders ....... for .in domain

Agnello George agnello.dsouza at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 14:52:13 IST 2009


i have a small query .... i am adding a forwarder to my named.conf to
forward all request coming to  domain ending with .in  to
, however  i need to  forward all request coming for  domain123.co.in

this is what i have done :

zone "in" IN {
type forward;
forward only;
forwarders { port 530;

zone "domain123.co.in" {
  type forward;
  forwarders {;

however if do a # dig domain123.co.in -----------------> it still
does'nt  forward to 192.1682.123  instead it forwards it to 192.1682.2

Is there a regex i can use to do this ............ or is there any
other way to do this

Thanks a lot !!
Agnello D'souza

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