[PLUG] Ubuntu 8.10 GRUB problem - only shows memtest option

Mandar Vaze mandarvaze at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 22:09:26 IST 2009

> There are NO /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.27* files :(
> *Neither* on /boot of LiveCD as well (from where I started the installer)

> Don't you have an OS installed? It seems you are trying it on LiveCD.
> I presumed that you have Ubuntu installed, and GRUB is not displaying
> proper options. The solution is not going to work unless you have an
> OS installed.

Original problem is about the installed OS, that is why details like
/dev/sda6 and mention of GRUB being on /dev/sda6 rather than on MBR.

Mention of LiveCD may have confused you, but my intention was that vmlinux
is missing from LiveCD *as well*.

Here are the steps I did :

1. Boot from DVD shipped with LFY Dec 208
2. Select "Ubuntu Live" environment
3. When booted into Live env. selected "Install"
4. Pointed to /dev/sda6 as root, provided a small partition for "swap"
5. In Boot loader dialog, clicked "Advanced" and asked GRUB to be installed
on /dev/sda6 instead of MBR
6. Let the installation finish.
7. Copied first 512 bytes of /dev/sda6 using "dd" command into file
8. Copied "ubuntu.bin" onto "C:"
9. Edited C:\boot.ini, and added entry "C:\ubuntu.bin="Ubuntu 8.10"
10. Rebooted, selected "Ubuntu" from Windows Bootloader
11. Got "only" memtest option

I hope you clarifies the problem.


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