[PLUG] Lokayat Free Software Initiative

अभिजित Abhijit abhijit13 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 14:08:46 IST 2009

Hi All,

Let me first introduce myself and then the Subject of this mail. My name is
Abhijit, I'm currently working with Symantec and scheduled to join CoEP as a
faculty member from February. I'be been working on GNU/Linux for all my
student life and still continue to do so.

I've been associated with a group of activists in Pune, called Lokayat.
Lokayat works on various issues of the society and tries to organize people
together for solving them (Traffic problem, PMPML's bad condition, education
of slum children, nuclear energy, judicial accountability, etc are just few
of them). When we found that few among us in Lokayat are from Computer
Science background, and all of us are GNU/Linux  enthusiasts, we thought of
and started Lokayat Free Software Initiative.

Under this initiative, we are basically aiming at making GNU/Linux popular
among college students and masses. For this to begin with, we have held and
are planning to hold lectures/seminars/workshops in colleges that would like
to invite us. We'd also like to join hands with more and more people who
would like to work with this objective.

Currently we are not focussing on solving technical problems that people
face, but introducing people to the philosophy of free knowledge  and
GNU/Linux. There is no intention of having a separate flag of our
initiative, which will fly high, but just make attempts to bring all people
together, on ground and start making propaganda for GNU/Linux.

I'm sure there are quite a lot of people there who would like to join hands.
I'm not sure whether "plug" has been involved in something similar. If so,
definitely we should take it further together. Please feel free to write
back /call me anytime :).

Abhijit A.M.
+91 9422 30 8125

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